Orion's Belt Remote Observatory

Mayhill, NM .

Welcome to Orion's Belt Remote Observatory!

You are standing at the top of "Mintaka Hill" overlooking the valley to the South. East is left and West to the right. North is behind you.

We are in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico on the edge of the Lincoln National Forest. 
How dark is it? It's pretty dark. Our location is marked by the cross hair at lower center. We are technically a Bortle 2 sky on a scale of 1-9. You can see the details here.
The rising Milky Way confuses people into thinking it's dawn. It's clearly visble down to the horizon north and south. On very transparent nights it casts a shadow. Not many sites like this exist in the continental US! We are 16 miles east of the town of Cloudcroft NM and a couple of hours north of El Paso TX. The observatory site is part of a greater astronomy enclave on both sides of Rte 82. On the south side is New Mexico Skies. North where we are is a community called Stars End. Both founded about the same time, perhaps 10+ years ago and established for sole purpose of astronomy, mostly remote imaging and observing. Strict light ordinances exist so artifical light is kept at a bare minimum.
I don't have a space telescope, or access to one but this is really the next best thing here on Earth. The ability to study and enjoy a truly dark night sky is quite frankly a dream come true 
One of the great things about living only 2 hours away is that we can come up here frequently and actually enjoy the night skies. In the late Spring and Summer the Milky Way is visible directly overhead down to each horizon. The Milky Way's core is clearly defined out to well beyond Scorpius to the West!
Enjoy your visit!
We hope you enjoy your visit to Orion's Belt Remote Observatory at Mintaka Hill and be sure to come back soon.

Clear and dark skies!