Orion's Belt Remote Observatory

Mayhill, NM .

Welcome to Orion's Belt Remote Observatory!

You are standing at the top of "Mintaka Hill" overlooking the valley to the South. East is left and West to the right. North is behind you.

We are in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico on the edge of the Lincoln National Forest. 

Equipment Page

Takahashi TOA 130 NFB
Moonlite Nitecrawler focuser rotator
SBIG STXL 6303E with FW8G STXL self guiding filter wheel
Paramount MEII with on axis encoders
 The Takahashi FS102 is a long discontinued fluorite APO which I use primarily for visual observing but when all else fails I can convert it to a simple portable imaging platform. I use a Tak GT40 40mm guidescope, Lodestar X2 guider, Celestron AVX mount and Canon 60Da