Orion's Belt Remote Observatory

Mayhill, NM .

Welcome to Orion's Belt Remote Observatory!

You are standing at the top of "Mintaka Hill" overlooking the valley to the South. East is left and West to the right. North is behind you.

We are in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico on the edge of the Lincoln National Forest. 

Talavera Space Hut

Not to be totally outdone, the "little sister" observatory 2 hours to the Southwest we affectionately call the "Talavera Space Hut" was built shortly after we established residence in the Talavera community east of Las Cruces, NM. It is located 10 miles east of the town center and is our permanent home. While not nearly as dark, we can still take advantage of the dry high desert skies and enjoy decent 360 degree views especially to the north and east away from the lights of the city to the west, and El Paso to the south.

A relatively modest 8 foot square roll-off structure which is manually operated, currently houses an AT12RC truss on a Paramount ME and William Optics GT102 refractor. The image above I call "theater of the Universe" where we frequently hold star parties. Deep space objects can be viewed on a flat screen that sits on a table outside of the hut while we capture real time live images with a Mallincam Xtreme video camera
Equipment currently at Talavera includes an AT12RC truss, WO GT102 refractor. The SBIG STXL 6303 also shown will be moved to Orion's Belt once it goes live. At that point the TSH (Talavera Space Hut) will be devoted principally  to planetary imaging, spectroscopy and video astronomy. For more on activities at the TSH, check out my blog